Nancy F. Gharib

Change Management and People Advisory Consultant in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Hi, I’m Nancy. I’m a seasoned bilingual transformation delivery expert, change management and people advisory consultant and executive coach with more than 15 years' experience helping leaders design and implement new projects, programs, products, initiatives, and services.

I work closely with clients to optimize their business, support business priorities - such as digital transformation. I help clients develop their transformation approach using methods and success factors that deliver results and continuously improve while minimizing business and people risks.

Most recently, I facilitated the IT services team to re-visit their value proposition and build a client-experience strategy. Here's what one participant had to say: "Loved the collaboration amongst the team and Nancy was an A++ facilitator! "

My specialty is helping clients seize the power of evidence-based approaches to understand their customers' needs. I do so by applying user experience research and design methods, while uncovering insights to design, build, launch, and scale products and services.

My recent projects include leading the digital employee experience and adoption strategy across a financial regulatory federal crown corporation. This involved leading an enterprise-wide change management effort, designing the strategy - including communication, training, and engagement tactics to equip people to use digital products and services in innovative ways. I convened a change leader coalition and positioned and advised change leaders and change agents for organization-wide adoption success.

I was also part of the team who re-designed an enterprise-wide service to deliver a 'high touch' pay advisory service for 8,000 employees. We were nominated for the prestigious Global Service Design Network Award and attained the finalist position for the valuable impact the redesigned service had on pay service clients in alleviating their stresses around pay-related questions and needs.

In the same organization, I was the lead user experience and change management consultant and part of the team who re-designed a digital enablement playbook for federal departments adopting Microsoft 365 to improve adoption across a diverse client base. This effort received President's accolades for a gold standard product that dramatically improved the user experience.

I spent twenty years working in a variety of federal portfolios, ranging from public health to defence research, social development, and education.

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It was an absolute privilege for us to work with Nancy. Her knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and dedication were a huge force to the transformation of the service delivery model. We couldn't have pulled this project off without Nancy's support. We are so grateful for everything she brought to the project, particularly to the service team. Her incredible work, energy, and passion to everything she does made a huge difference. We are lucky to have such a talented resource.
Director General, Human Resources Branch, Large federal department
As a capable people leader, trustworthy, hardworking, and an individual who never shies away from challenges, Nancy establishes rapport easily with clients and colleagues and conducts herself professionally and puts client needs first. She is sought out for her expertise in digital transformation, change management, experience design, and product management.
Director, large federal government department
I attend these meetings regularly, and this is by far the best presentation that I have seen. I had to re-read it several times because there is so much value in it.
Director, member of Executive Committee at large federal organization